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Why I chose to be an Indie Author

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There comes a time in an authors life where they have to make a decision; query or go Indie.

Well, maybe not every author’s life but certainly in mine.

I published my first non-fiction book (Digital Marketing Made Easy) independently, I have heaps of experience in marketing and my sales were OK. Alright, I didn’t make a million but I did cover my costs and made enough profit to contribute to the family that year. It raised my profile in the digital marketing community and I won additional work as a result – which was always the main goal.

But, it’s now the turn of my first fiction book. A psychological crime thriller launching in an already overcrowded market place that’s dominated by some of my favourite authors; Cally Taylor, Mark Edwards, Clare Mackintosh to just a few.

So if the competition is so tough, why would I choose to go Indie? Wouldn’t I be better pitching for an agent, hoping to get signed and then said agent sells the book for 6 figures and I become an overnight success?

First of all, I’m a realist, and secondly (which should probably go first) I’m impatient! I couldn’t bear to wait for months if not years where I might get picked up by an agent who might then sell my book to a publisher, who might then publish (there’s no guarantee) and it might then be bought by the public after I’ve done much of the promo and marketing myself.

I appreciate this is a very simplistic view but I’ve yet to read or hear anything otherwise. Once the publisher has the rights to your book it could take up to 12 months or longer for it to hit the shelves – this could be 12 months AFTER you’ve finished the final edits.

Too many variables for me quite honestly. I KNOW I can publish on Amazon, take a good number of pre-orders via my email list and social media activity, arrange my own Facebook / Instagram Live launch, guest appearances on others podcasts, organise a blog tour and a book signing (when we’re allowed).

If I sound confident, don’t be fooled. I’m a bag of nerves. My sleep is all over the place, I’m juggling several different balls and the bloody thing isn’t published until October! But am I enjoying it? Oh yes, you bet I am. I love being in control of every aspect (I’m a Capricorn, can’t help it!) and I love that I can share my knowledge of the process with other indie authors.

Small confession – I have incurred more costs on this book than my non-fiction book. There’s an editor for a start, and a proofreader, and book design and if you were to work out my hourly rate right now it would be £0.01 per hour so I will have to make that money back but I would have to do that anyway.

So roll on 1st October 2020 – I’m more than happy to share the figures once it’s out in the big bad world so you have something to compare to if you thinking of going Indie yourself.

For now, you can download the first 2 chapters completely FOC and please do share, word of mouth is everything!

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