The words. The End on a white sheet of paper

And that’s a wrap! For now…

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Note book with When We Deceive written on cover

It’s not quite a wrap, but it’s been written and I’m sort of happy with it, so that’s something. Gosh, I can hardly believe I started planning this in September 2020. I won’t go into details but it’s been quite the journey! I have affectionately referred to When We Deceive as ‘the-book-that-refused-to-write-itself.’ To give you some context, my first book, The Lie She Told was published in October 2020, the second The Web They Wove, came out in May 2021. So I’d basically written three books in 12 months. I have no idea how! Did I even sleep?

When We Deceive will now go to my wonderful editor Rebecca for her to work her magic. I decided I needed what’s known as a Developmental Edit on this book as it was written through fairly turbulent times when my mind wasn’t functioning properly and I was under an extreme amount of pressure. I’m in a far better place now, but well, menopause, brain fog. PLUS I know it could be better. Rebecca will look at the book overall, see how the plot hangs together, spot any plot holes and make suggestions as to how I can get more out of the plot, the characters or different elements. She’ll also consider it in line with industry expectations i.e how soon an inciting incident should happen, the timing of any reveals or plot twists. She will make several suggestions to the style and also make sure the voice of character is consistent.

So you see, even though the words, ‘The End,’ have been written – it’s far from over or ready for publication. It won’t even go out to Beta Readers just yet. The only other person aside from Rebecca who will read it is my other half *gulp* but I know his feedback will be honest, and I trust his opinion above all others. That won’t stop me watching him read it and looking for reactions! Let’s just say the tension in our house is somewhat fraught until I know what he thinks!


Whilst the book is in Rebecca’s very capable hands I will spend the rest of this month being creative – writing blog posts, short stories, newsletters and just take some time to get outside – I always do my best thinking when I’m out in nature and as it’s Autumn I love walking in amongst the leaves – as does my Grandpup Milo, so many adventures await us!

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