What Cat Did Next – October Round Up

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What Cat Did Next, a glimpse into my month

I want to say that I’m cracking on with Book 3 (When We Deceive) but the truth is I haven’t written a word 😢

I’ve found it really hard to concentrate with everything that has been going on, and if I’m really honest, I don’t want it to forever be the book ‘that I wrote whilst fighting Cancer,’ which I fear it would be. I also feel I’ve lost my way a little, but after much soul searching, I sent the first 25k words to my amazingly honest Beta Readers, and the feedback was overwhelmingly honest and actually full of praise, so that boosted my confidence a little. I’ve picked up the threads and plot more chapters and I’m feeling quite excited about it again, so keep watching this space!

With my other hat on, Commissioning Editor for Crime Publishing Network it’s been a busy time. I took about 3 months off, but came back a couple of weeks ago all guns blazing, and we’ve had a new website created with lots of new content and exciting ideas for growth planned. Check out the website if you’re not familiar with us; we’re always looking for new and upcoming authors. I’m working closely with two new crime fiction authors currently and I’m very excited about their potential.


In other news, the cancer treatment is going well. Side effects from Chemo haven’t been unmanageable – unpleasant but not unmanageable, so that’s something. You can catch the latest updates over on the All Is Well blog.

Other than writing news, I’ve had a couple of play dates with my gorgeous grandpuppy Milo, and I’ve spent lots of time out walking in my local park listening to inspiring podcasts, and finding various places to hide / find dead bodies!

So that’s all for October (though it’s actually November). Thank you for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email – this Chemo lark means a lot of sitting around and I’ve acquired a few pen pals across the world which is bringing me great joy and I would love you to be part of it.

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