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The Web They Wove Launch Party

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Well, it was a night to remember that’s for sure! I had so much fun on Facebook launching my latest book, The Web They Wove.

It was a crazy day to say the least. I swore that with this launch I would learn the lessons from The Lie She Told launch and get away from the screens and not check on sales every single minute so I was good to my word and headed out for lunch with my parents. When The Lie She Told came out, dad was not long out of ICU so he missed much of the fuss and I know he felt guilty so I really wanted to make sure he was included in the day. Mum already had her copy and was a few pages in so I received high praise from her when she declared it as ‘a good read’ and that is high praise indeed!

So when it came to 6pm, and it was time for live, I was tired but ecstatic. Amazon hadn’t updated their dashboard so apparently I had zero sales but my son reassured me I had, in fact, broken the internet and that is why they weren’t showing! Got to love that boys support 😌

In the run up to the launch I had partnered with the wonderful Sam, who pretty much ran the whole promo side of things (I do not know where I would be without her!) and she was my wing woman on the night, keeping me on track (if you’ve ever seen me live you’ll know I’m easily distracted!) so via WhatsApp she reminded me when to ask a question for the prize draw, and at one point even told my son off for giving away one of the answers!

I had put together what can only be described as a box of tat, just little tokens of my thanks, themed around a nightclub (shot flavours, shot glasses, pineapple ice cube trays and a few sweets!) and they have been received by all the competition winners now who, thankfully, seem to share my sense of humour (and love of tat 😂 )

The video from the launch is over on my Facebook Page or you can follow this link to watch

(It’s muted at the beginning as I played Prince and copyright and all that jumped straight on it! I should have known better really!)

Anyway, i have to go away now and write more books because I think I’m addicted to launches!

If you were there, thank you so much for your support ♥️

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