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The Web They Wove is Out Now

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Friday 28th May sneaked up on me at an alarming rate but I’m so happy that readers can now read my latest crime thriller, The Web They Wove. Although it’s the second in the Tangled Web series, it can be read as a standalone.

It is currently available on Amazon for just 99p on Kindle, free on Kindle Unlimited and also £7.99 in paperback. And, this is a first for me but The Web They Wove is also available in hardback! I received my author copy and suddenly I felt like a proper writer!

Reviews are coming in and the relief is immense! It seems to be going down really well with readers who have taken Ziggy and his team to their hearts, which makes me so happy. I’m glad I listened when he insisted I write his stories. The plan is to do three books in this series then move on to something else but I have a sneaky feeling that Ziggy won’t let go that easy, and young Joe from The Lie She Told has been pestering me too so who knows??!!

But, for now you can head over to Amazon and grab your copy of The Web They Wove, and I really do hope that you enjoy it ♥️

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