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The Lie She Told AudioBook

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You may (or may not!) know that I am an independently published author so when it came to producing an audiobook for my first book, The Lie She Told I had a choice. I could either pitch it out to an audiobook publisher, produce it myself or link with another independent business owner who I could work closely with whilst still maintaining the level of control that I like.

Enter Lee Beddow from AbbeySound Audio.

Now, I’m not sure if Lee had been following me on socials, or if he was a mind reader but as I started my search for a producer, he popped into my inbox to offer the services of his company.

Oh, the relief! Finding a producer was proving to be a minefield and I realised that not only did I need to completely hand the reins over to someone who knew what they were doing, but who also had the contacts so that the book would be a highly polished version of itself with a wonderful narrator.

Enter Perdita Lawton.

Lee sent across a few samples with Perdita in various accents, but as the lead character, Kate is from my hometown in Leeds, she needed to have a Yorkshire accent. The other lead character, as well as Kate’s son were all handled beautifully by Perdita under the guidance from Lee.

I received the files as they were recorded as promised, and it soon became a routine to take myself off for a walk around the local park whilst listening to my words brought to life. And yes, I laughed, I cried, I was exasperated at some of Kate’s actions and infuriated by Ryan on multiple occasions (goodness knows what fellow park goers thought I was doing!)

In all, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Lee, and huge thanks to Perdita for being such a brilliant narrator.

You can enjoy listening to The Lie She Told on Audible or Apple iBooks.

A single lie. A split-second decision.
The life of a desperate mother and her son will never be the same.

Arriving in the Scottish Highlands, Kate begins to build a safe, loving new life for herself and her son.

But when a shady character from Kate’s past turns up and starts to systematically and violently rip everything apart, she is forced to make a choice.

The lie she told is now working against her, but will she confess or risk the life of her son?

Available now on AudibleApple Books and also in eBook and paperback at Amazon.


Narrated by Perdita Lawton
Produced by AbbeySound Audio

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