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Shed of Words

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Where do authors write?

I wonder why we have a fascination with where authors write? If you just Google ‘Where Authors Write’ it returns over 698,000,000 results.

J K Rowling started Harry Potter in a cafe.

Joanne Harris has her very own Shed.

Charles Dickens always wrote at the same desk and in the same chair.

Virginia Wolfe wrote in her basement.

Agatha Christie (allegedly) wrote in her bathtub whilst eating apples!

So it made me wonder, why are we so curious? From a personal perspective, I’ve always idly daydreamed about a cosy cottage in the country somewhere with a dog that I could walk and real log fires I could sit in front when the winter descended. Or some swanky Florida Keys condo that opens up onto a private beach, eating freshly picked fruit for breakfast and that mornings ‘catch of the day’ for lunch whilst I slink about in a uber stylish kimono, gently wafting myself with a fan as I stare off into space searching for the right phrase, word or description.

Of course, the reality is very different.

Exhibit One – The Shed Of Words (I have a plaque and everything!).

Now don’t get me wrong. I simply ADORE my Shed (and yes husband, it is MY SHED) and I get quite possessive over it as you can tell. She was built in 2013 in my back garden in place of an asbestos riddled, falling down garage and it’s the best investment we’ve ever made. She really has come into her own during lockdown when hubby has been permanently working from home and the kids have been homeschooling. in fact, in the last seven years, she’s seen quite a bit of action, not in the least when my son returned home from college and it became, well… a boy cave, with lots of boys. And sofas, and pizza boxes and general boy smells!

Don’t tell him but I was so pleased when he moved out and I could reclaim my territory!

Since the whole Covid-19 pandemic we’ve all had to find a new way of working. Be that from home or a nook in the corner of your kitchen and I can tell you hand on heart that I have never been more grateful for The Shed. Mark (husband) has been working from there 5 days a week since March, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t have it. The kitchen table is not much of an option and we don’t have a spare bedroom so I dread to think how we would have managed – and in the middle of it all, I’ve been trying to finish a book!

As I mentioned before, I do love my shed (even if I don’t have her to myself all the time). it’s so lovely stepping inside, switching the heaters on (or fan depending on the weather) and firing up the kettle/coffee machine. On days where I really can’t be arsed to write, I know that if I sit on there for long enough I will find the inspiration or feel compelled to scribble something down. If I’m going through a time of non-writing or feeling really stuck I’ll burn some sage and waft it around to move the energy.

And also, do you have to be in seclusion to write? I know I’m a damn sight more productive if I’m in The Shed but (when we’re allowed) I do enjoy sneaking off to the local cafe and catching up with friends. I take that as a time to do some ‘research’ and plotting.

I’ve often wondered what we’d do if ever we were to move house? Can I take The Shed with me? Should I build a new one? Should I look for a house that already has one? Thankfully it’s not on the cards for a good while yet so I guess I’ll still be sat here, writing away as the old girl falls down around me!

If you’re a writer, where do you write? I’d love know, just leave a comment below.

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