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D I Y (or Do It Yourself) is basically untrained people trying to do the job of skilled person.

Seeing it written like that, it makes me wonder why on Earth we would attempt to do something that we’re really not skilled to do. My husband and I are self-proclaimed non-DIY’ers. We are hopeless. We struggle to hang pictures straight. I once put together a desk with the heel of a shoe and a knife (it stayed up for about 3 seconds). We once built a coffee table for the living room, when on completion we realised we had put the base on upside down, we just left it. After a week or so it developed a ‘lean’ which turned into a wobble then earned cries of ‘Don’t knock the table,’ every time someone came into the living room. And woe betide anyone should actually put a cup of coffee on said coffee table!

So it makes me wonder why I decided to go down the self-publishing route – which in reality is DIY Book Publishing. Yes, I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait to get my stories out there, but have I made life hard for myself by choosing to do EVERYTHING myself? Take a look at this post that I wrote in October last year https://www.catherineyaffe.co.uk/sowing-the-seeds-for-a-blooming-spring-launch/

Well, the daffodils have sprung, the tulips are on the way and I’m particularly proud of this little planter (can you spot the mouse?).

What does all this have to do with your books I hear you cry – hold on, I’m getting there.

We are all go for launch on 28th April 2023.

I still have my edits to do, I needed some distance to really work out the pacing and if I was telling the story in the best possible way but I’m happy with it (shock, horror 😱). I have books 4 & 5 sitting quietly waiting their turn in the background, and I hope to have at least another one out later this year but for now, let’s focus on When We Deceive!
Pre Orders are now available, and they are so important to help me get the word out. I don’t have a mega budget or a massive publishing house behind me. It’s just me and the cats! So go on, go ahead and pre order for just 99p/c.

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