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Launch Party Aftermath (The Lie She Told)

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Wow, that was one hell of a launch party. In fact, it was one hell of a day! I’m not gonna lie, I woke up at exactly 12:15 am on 1st October to watch the Amazon sales chart. I flicked between all stats pages that I had set up (KDP, Amazon Author Central, GoodReads, Google Analytics) obsessively which in hindsight was a bit silly as the only thing that was going to happen in the early hours of the morning was the pre-orders being released onto peoples Kindles. I managed 2 hours of sleep at most.

I then spent the day walking around in a haze that felt like a mixture of being hungover whilst still being drunk, and of course, I had the Facebook Launch Party that I had promoted the life out of at 7:30 pm that evening. After a hasty tea of fish and chips washed down with Lanson Black Label Champagne (courtesy of my wonderful son) I went live.

And it was the most fun!

I have no idea how many people were watching live but the banter levels were high, I made a couple of bloopers but it gave me a chance to thank everyone that had been on the journey with me so far (not at least my wonderfully patient husband who acted as comment moderator and all-round rock!). I managed to answer quite a few questions that people had submitted beforehand, as well as a few on the night (I’ll do another post on those.)

I remembered to run two competitions, with one prize to help me with a character name in book 2, and also free signed copies to giveaway.

I think the whole thing lasted about 45 minutes, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Thank you to everyone that took part, watched, laughed and bought the book. It’s always scary putting your work out there and it felt great that Kate, Joe, Jack and even Ryan were welcomed with open arms.

Over the next week or so I’ll share various stats of the journey and the self-publishing process as it seems to be the thing that everyone wants to know so I’m more than happy to share.

To date, The Lie She Told has achieved;

  • Top 400 in Amazon Kindle Charts
  • Over 40 5star reviews across Goodreads & Amazon
  • Numerous Interview Requests across the media
  • Amazing Blog Reviews (more on this in another post)

I must add that all of the above has been organic, no paid advertising at all. The only element I paid for was the Blog Tour (10 blogs over 10 days) so all in all, for a debut self-published author I don’t think that’s too bad – do you?

If you would like to watch the mayhem that was the launch party head over the Facebook Page. 

And now, onto Book 2 edits! Yes, it’s written and I’m working with a wonderful editor to kick it into shape. I’m hoping to have it available by the end of January 2021 so watch this space. Or even better sign up to the newsletter so you’ll be one of the first hear about it 😀

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