Interview on BBC Radio Leeds

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Interview with Charlie Smith about The Lie She Told

It was an email that came completely out of the blue mid-December that threw me into a spin! A lovely producer from BBC Radio Leeds contacted me via email to see if I would be interested in talking about The Lie She Told on national radio… erm, wait.. let me think… YES I ABSOLUTELY WOULD!

The date was finally agreed for a New Years Day – what a wonderful way to start the New Year after a very quiet Christmas!

So 11:15am, I’m sat in The Shed Of Words waiting to speak to the lovely presenter Charlie Smith. It’s fine I thought, I’ve got this. A few supporting texts arrived from my son, a brief phone call with Dad telling him how to get the radio on his phone and I was good to go… until I realised that my head has been stuck in Book 2 for so bloody long I had no idea what happened in The Lie She Told! That’s not 100% accurate actually, I could remember but did my mouth want to work in sync with my brain? NO!!


Deep breath, breathe.. You’ve got this I chanted silently to myself, then suddenly – I WAS ON! You can listen to the outcome here, I think I did alright? I got the seal of approval from Dad anyway who immediately rang and congratulated me – I hadn’t besmirched the family name by swearing on live radio 😀 He was proud, I could tell! – Skip to around 1:20 in and you’ll hear me!

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