Gairloch, Wester Ross 2022

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I waited 2.5 years for this! It seems impossible that it’s almost 2 years since The Lie She Told was published (Oct 2020). My plan had been to go back in 2021 and shoot videos, take lots of pictures and basically become my very own Gairloch tourist board 😀  and then, well we all know what happened so let’s not dwell. Safe to say it won’t be 2.5 years before I go back. As we were driving through the stunning scenery I had a flash of inspiration for Book 4, and a few old friends may make a reappearance! Shhh, don’t tell anyone 🙃

I’ve written about Gairloch before and if you’ve read The Lie She Told some of the places will be familiar to you. The above 4 images are various shots around the Wester Ross that we visited on out recent trip.

Below are the various places that are mentioned in the book ♥️

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