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Crime Books Unlimited is a podcast channel that interviews, promotes and discusses books that are in the crime genre, fiction and nonfiction.

So in a moment of madness, I’ve decided to launch a podcast *😳
(*stand back whilst I jump on that band wagon* 😃 )

I’ve hosted a podcast before and I absolutely loved it. Not because I love the sound of my own voice (I don’t, in fact I hate hearing the Yorkshire accent!) but because I’m nosey and love hearing about other people. My last one was all about digital marketing but this one is all about my first love – CRIME!

I mean, what’s not to love? I’ll be talking to crime writers, former murder squad detectives, forensic experts and behaviour analysts as well as using the platform to raise the profile of independent, self published authors of crime fiction and true crime books.

I thought I’d start off by keeping it simple. A straightforward 1-2-1 interview where I ask questions about their book, their reasons for writing, their inspiration behind the story – and a few curve ball questions just to keep them on their toes! I’d like it to be fun, upbeat and an enjoyable experience for the listener as well as the expert in the spotlight – that’s possible, right?

To make it all a bit easier, I’ve put together ’10 things you should know’

10 things you need to know about the Crime Books Unlimited Podcast

1. What is it?
Crime Books Unlimited is a podcast channel that interviews, promotes and discusses books that are in the crime genre, fiction and nonfiction.

2. Why?
Currently, there isn’t anything available like it, especially in the UK, focussing purely on the crime fiction genre so it fills a gap in the market. 

3. Who will listen?
Readers will be the primary audience but authors too as the podcast will feature sessions with experts from within the crime field such as forensics experts, murder squad detectives, psychologists, book editors and publishers. 

4. Who will the guests be?
Primarily authors of fiction and no-fiction books but also those that work within the field of crime.

5. What will be the format?
Q & A with a light approach depending on the subject matter. Questions will initially come from the host until the audience is established then listeners can post questions ahead of a session. 

6. How often will it be available?
Every 2 weeks (so 2x a month)

7. How will you attract guests?
Initially through goodwill but hopefully as the listening figures grow it will become easier to ask people to be on.

8. How will you promote it?
Social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook under my Author pages until the following is big enough to justify its own channels (though Twitter is already set up @crimebooksunltd.)

9. When will it launch? 
1st March 2021

10. How will people be able to listen?
Wherever they listen to their usual podcasts so Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, Google Play and many more.

Want to have a sneak peek at the intro?

Follow this link >> or by searching for ‘Crime Books Unlimited’.

Are you an author or an expert in the crime genre?

If you are, and would like to appear then all you have to do is email me direct and I’ll get you booked into the calendar.

Email [email protected]

Are you a crime fan & would like to suggest a guest?

Awesome, simply email me at the address above and I’ll get on the case!

So watch this space for a programme of upcoming guests and keep an eye out on social media for new guest announcements.

Instagram: @cat_yaffe_author
Facebook: /catherineyaffeauthor
Crime Books Unltd Podcast:

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