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Last year I attended Bay Tales as a reader. This year I went as a writer!

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked by Vic and Simon to deliver a reading at the Noir At The Bay event on the Friday evening at the Crab and Waltzer. I had danced back and forth all week over what to read. I have a new book When We Deceive, coming out on 28th April so perhaps it made sense to read from that. But I have a whole host of edits to do on that so perhaps not. I could read from The Web They Wove but I felt the plot was so twisty I might give away spoilers so in the end I went with my first born, The Lie She Told. I know each of the characters like they are members of my own family, and I know the book like the back of my hand so I knew I could place intonation in the right places without losing my place!

I was nervous, the bar was packed. I don’t usually drink alcohol but I had a small glass if wine, you know, just to steady the nerves. I needn’t have been nervous at all, the crowd were lovely and welcoming – and as I was close to last, they had had a good amount to drink, which also helped I feel!

Massive thanks to Simon, Vic and the whole Bay Tales team for organising yet another brilliant event. Can’t wait for next year!

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