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April Updates

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How is it April already?

I’ve been super busy here in the Shed of Words, so I thought a quick roundup was in order.

Since we last spoke, as you can see I have a new website – whoo hoo. I felt the old one was a little outdated and with a new book coming out it seemed a good idea to get one up and running. The biggest difference is the ability to buy signed, personalised copies of the books directly from the website. I have to confess that when I launched The Lie She Told one of the things I didn’t account for was the request for signed copies, and I’m still getting one or two requests a week even today. As a self-published print on demand author, it’s been really hard to keep on top of, so I’m hoping a more streamlined approach will help.

Speaking of being a self-published author, I am now what is known as a hybrid author. This means that whilst I still predominantly self publish I am also signed to a publisher. The publisher in question is the Crime Publishing Network. It’s a company that I have started with a good friend of mine, Adam Lloyd from UK True Crime Podcast. We were both very frustrated by the antiquated way that traditional publishing houses run. For example, you can submit a manuscript for consideration and wait months to hear anything back, or even worse, not hearing anything at all. Then once you’re signed, it can take up to two years to get your book into the hands of readers. Who wants to wait that long?

There must be a better way, we mused, hence the creation of Crime Publishing Network. As the name suggests, we will focus on crime fiction and true crime books. We have already signed 3 amazing new authors (more details to follow in a separate post) and we are working on some other projects that we’ll be able to tell you about later this year.

I am super excited about it, and I’ll keep you up to date with how things progress.

Remember that silly idea I had for a podcast? Well, I’m about to publish episode 5 and it’s taken on a life of its own! I have so many interviews lined up for the future and the ones that have been aired have been received really well. I think I might take a break over the Summer just to assess where I am with it, and where I want it to go. It just kind of snowballed and I need to catch my breath!

Finally, The Web They Wove will soon be available for pre-orders on Amazon, and as I mentioned before you can buy a personalised, signed copy direct from the website.

What Cat Did Next (monthly newsletter) will be out on the 1st May so if you haven’t signed up yet, nows the time to do it as it will include details of giveaways and launch parties!

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