All Is Well

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If you’ve been following my updates on Instagram, then you will know that it was results day on Friday. I kind of regret going so public now as I didn’t receive the news I was hoping to hear. It wasn’t great and kind of came in two parts.

As I’ve been so public, I want to continue to share updates about my journey, but I’ve decided to separate them from my author profile and blog. I’ve set up a new, personal blog called (optimistically) All Is Well, and you can read it here>> 

It will be a place for me to rant, and get things off my chest and because of that it will be sweary, no holds barred kind of place – you have been warned! There’s a ‘subscribe’ thingy as I won’t be posting updates on Insta etc and I don’t have time to run yet another new profile, so if you want to follow me then that’s the place to do it.

There is another reason for separating the two. I need to get back into the world of books and writing. Writing is who I am, not something I do, and I have missed that part of me since early June, which was the last time I sat down to write any of Book 3 – When We Deceive. And I need to start again. I can’t sit on the bloody sofa watching crappy daytime TV any longer. And it seems that there is a limit to how many crime related shows I can watch in one day – who knew??!!

So, to keep on following my cancer journey, follow this link >>

For everything else, just hang around here,


Cat x

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