5 Interesting Facts About AudioBooks

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Audiobooks were originally invented for the blind, which may come as no surprise but I bet you didn’t know these other 5 intersting facts about audiobooks.

  1. Everyone can become a narrator and it’s a great way to earn money from home.
  2. They are great for the environment.
  3. Listening to audiobooks can strengthen your memory.
  4. Similarly, it will also improve pronunciation.
  5. Your reading accuracy will also be increased.

For these reasons alone, would you consider listening to a book? Perhaps you already do. In which case, you might be interested in my book, the gripping Scottish crime thriller, The Lie She Told.

A single lie. A split-second decision.
The life of a desperate mother and her son will never be the same.

Arriving in the Scottish Highlands, Kate begins to build a safe, loving new life for herself and her son.

But when a shady character from Kate’s past turns up and starts to systematically and violently rip everything apart, she is forced to make a choice.

The lie she told is now working against her, but will she confess or risk the life of her son?

Available now on Audible, Apple Books and also in eBook and paperback at Amazon.

Narrated by Perdita Lawton
Produced by AbbeySound Audio

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