The Lie She Told by Catherine Yaffe

2 Weeks to go…

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As publication day draws closer I can feel my anxiety levels growing. My brain seems to be in overdrive with things I haven’t done – even though I know i have!

Pre-orders came out about a week ago and yet according to ‘brain’ I haven’t told anyone about it, which is utter bullshit as I have a social media plan (spot the digital marketer in the room) that has been perfectly executed with minimum scheduled posts.

I haven’t updated by email subscribers, but I have, I know for sure I have. I don’t need ‘brain’ to kick in at 3am with a diving heart beat and fluttering tummy. I HAVE DONE IT! (apologies for shouting but apparently that’s what I’ve been doing at 3am according to my extremely patient husband).

I did have a small panic though, which turned into a major heart attack. I decided that I really should read the proof paperback copy of The Lie She Told.

Me: I don’t need to, its been proof read to within an inch of it’s life.
Brain: But has it though?
Me: YES. Bridget did a marvellous job she picked up and corrected loads of stuff.
Brain: Did you save the changed though?
Me: YES – now let me sle… oh shit, did I save the changes?j

Cue me dashing out the Shed in the middle of the night to grab a copy of said book.


Disaster – not only had i not saved the changes, I’d also uploaded the wrong copy.
Brain: WTF????

It should all now be sorted – I’m asking the hubby to do the final checks but bloody hell, close call.

So anyway, pre-orders are trickling in, Facebook Live Launch Party is advertised everywhere and everyone on my mailing list is well aware of the launch date.

Time for me to sit back, relax, drink champagne and celebrate? No chance. As I don’t have the luxury of;

1. Being a quiz host on a popular BBC game show
2. A multi million $ selling back catalogue
3. Endorsement from a famous celeb/ influencer

I’ll carry on banging on about it and quite welcome the nighttime brain talk. If you haven’t heard from me in about 3 weeks I’ll be the gibberish wreck in the corner somewhere!


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