When everything is normal

It’s been a hard summer so far to be honest. Usually with the weather getting warmer and the days being longer I get a short reprieve from the daily aches and pains of Fibro and ME. Not this summer!

We went to Silverstone in July and I did waaaaaay too much walking. This left me with a very sore and swollen knee and lots of unexplained bruising all over my legs.

Following Silverstone I had no choice but to rest my painful legs for 2 weeks.

Just as I was starting to get over that I had an ear infection, which turned out to be a perforated eardrum – soooo frickin painful I can’t even tell you!

Then in the middle of all this my darling cat Cedar took a turn for the worse and we had to make the very difficult decision to have him put to sleep. I felt my heart break as he took his last breath but he was in my arms and knew that he was loved.

We had a fabulous week away with all the family in Majorca – which wasn’t without it’s tension I can tell you but the weather was hot, hot, hot and I took every opportunity to lay lizard like and recuperate.

I was convinced that by the time we came home I would be back to my ‘normal’ self and raring to throw myself back into Herding Cats and even launched Cat’s Cat Sitting.

No such luck. The ear infection was beyond manageable so a trip back to the doctors where cultures were taken and a full blood count was done.

I had no choice but to rest and let my body fight the infection – another week on the sofa then 🙁

I thought (hoped) that the blood tests would reveal what was going on. ME was becoming prevalent, sleeping from 12 – 16 hours a day with barely the energy to move and even if I did, I was wiped out with even the tiniest bit of effort.

I knew the ear infection was just a matter of time but only being able to hear out of one ear does nothing for anxiety levels when you’re in the middle of the supermarket. I was on antibiotics and taking them religiously.

So I phoned for the results yesterday and guess what? Everything came back normal. This, of course is good news but it’s equally frustrating.

I don’t feel right – I can’t put my finger on it but something isn’t right. What more can I do?

If this is just another Fibro / ME episode then so be it. I’ll rest, eat well, exercise when possible and work when I can. But please body, just give me a break. Just a length of time where I can be and feel normal – is that too much to ask?

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