How to get free PR

If you’re a start up business the cost for engaging a PR agency can, in some cases, be expensive. However, in a world of 24 hour news that’s delivered at lightning speed many online news sites are crying out for content. We’ve scoured the web and found a few free PR easy wins that, if you’re confident in writing, you can get your news story out and the only cost involved is your time.

  1. Bdaily
    This online news site was launched in 2007 and has gone from strength to strength, now providing news on a regional and national level. You will need to register for an account but once registered you can submit news stories, offer advice and opinion on issues that relates to your sector. Once your article is published you can then share it across social media platforms and link back to it from your own website.
  2. Guardian Small Business Network
    This is great for taking part in Live Q & A sessions on your area of expertise. You do need to register for an account but then you can also contribute though unlike Bdaily you will need to approach the editor of the relevant section to submit your article ideas.
  3. Yorkshire Post Top Ten Tips
    Published in print and also online, the Yorkshire Post is always looking for tips from businesses. The contact at the Yorkshire Post is Mark Casci <[email protected]>
    to get a feel for the type of content here’s a link to a recent post
  4. Guest Blogging
    Who do you know in business that has a blog? Quite a few people i’m thinking. If your businesses complement each other such as an accountant and a solicitor, ask them if you can write a blog for them. Remember to include a link back to your own website (Google will love you for it!) and a short bio about yourself and your business. If you both promote the blog via social media you will both be opening up to new audiences and who knows where that may lead.
  5. Appear in print
    Whilst it may seem that print publications are disappearing you only have to scan the shelves at W H Smith to see the wide range available. Think outside the box for this one. For example, I make my living as a freelance journalist and editor but I’m also a mum, a cat owner and recently got engaged so I’m planning a wedding, lots of opportunities.
    Brainstorm a few ideas, find out who the relevant editor is and send them your ideas. Remember to close your article with a short bio.

    Don’t forgot to look at local business magazines such as Topic. We’re always on the look out for Business Leaders for the centre spread, or for employees to take part in the ’60 Seconds With…’ section. If you’re interested in taking part just drop me an email [email protected]


Hopefully these tips will help propel your business (and you) into the spotlight. If you’re interested in finding out more about how the written word can help your business you can email me on [email protected]

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