Create FIREWORKS around your brand

With so much white noise going on across the web and social media, how do you create a buzz around your brand?

Here are top 5 tips to make sure your brand is as lively as a FIREWORK!

  1. Have a strategy
    Let’s say you have a new product launch on the first of next month (just in time for Christmas). You have 4 weeks in which to create a following or fan-base, produce enough content to engage with fans and build a BIG buzz around the launch. One route to go down is the competition route. This works really well on Facebook by asking fans to share an event with their friends and add a comment about why they should be the winner; a big return for the brand, whilst using your audience to build your fan base.
  2. Use tools available 
    Twitter is particularly good for quizzing your audience and asking customer service related questions. It also has a handy little poll tool too. Feedback about your product can help create a mini focus group. Be sure to have a crisis plan in place so any negative tweets can be handled swiftly. Create a specific hashtag and see if you can get it trending.
  3. Infographics
    These have been around for a while but are still really popular. You can share a whole heap of information in one smart, easy format. Short, succinct and easy to share on a blog, in a tweet ot on a Facebook page. Try Canva for an easy to use tool.
  4. Blogger Giveaways
    Blogger giveaways are a brilliant way of attracting a new audience, whilst keeping your brand at the centre of the buzz. This works particularly well in the ‘mummy’ blogger market. Most bloggers are open to reviewing your product in return for a free sample and a couple more to giveaway to their subscribers.
  5.  Launch an eBook or White Paper
    eBooks and Whitepapers are a way of establishing you and your brand as the industry experts. Often no more than 10 – 20 pages with news updates, industry related information or perhaps a complicated subject easily explained. Create a landing page, ask people to subscribe (data capture) and they’ll be the first to receive a copy in their inbox as soon as it’s released.


Not sure how to do any of these things? I’ve worked with clients where we have run a couple of these strategies and the impact on their business has been immediate. If you would like to know more then just get in touch either via the contact form or call me on 07741 271 788.

Don’t forget to check back for more tips on how you can create fireworks around your brand.

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