Case Study: The IFA & SEO

Sounds almost like a fairytale doesn’t it – the IFA and the SEO all lived happily ever after. Well, not quite but I thought I would share a recent workshop with you as it’s a situation I hear about all the time.

Simon is a financial training coach, working with accountants. He had his website built in 2007 and has worked with a number of different agencies over the years to increase his search engine rankings. He’s not really sure how all these things work so in the past he’s left it to the ‘experts’. Whilst using agencies he’s averaged 2 – 3 leads a week but of poor quality.

Simon started to take a closer look at the analytics reports but it all seemed like gobbledy-gook so he invited me in to talk him through it all. I could see that key search terms he used to rank well for were now ineffective. He hadn’t updated the copy on his website to meet the Google algorithm changes, and had not revised his keyword research for a long time. Simon’s website also had a blog but he struggled to get ideas for blog posts.

So a couple of things had happened. Obviously the website copy was outdated and needed updating. Language changes so fast, and key terms that might have been relevant as little as a year ago may now be outdated so ideally web copy should be refreshed every 6 – 12 months. Because of this, and because Simon wasn’t writing regular blog posts his site had no authority as far as the search engines were concerned.

Working together, we had a half day session on brainstorming potential search terms and then I wrote the copy ┬áto incorporate these. After this we looked at potential blog posts. Let’s be honest, financial training isn’t the most exciting subject in the world but whilst coming up with ideas it turns out that Simon is a huge fan of video and a natural in front of the camera. So, to accompany the 3 blogs per week we also recorded a couple of videos to compliment them.

We consistently published posts and videos over the course of 3 months and sure enough his website started ranking highly and the leads it was generating were the right kind.

So what can we learn from this?

  • Update or at least refresh your web copy every 6 months if possible
  • Have an ongoing keyword strategy
  • Read your analytics to discover search terms your website is being found for
  • Create a regular blog calendar – 2 to 3 posts a week is ideal
  • Use video and other media to promote your site

If you’re interested in finding out more just drop me a line [email protected] or give me a call on 07741 271 788.


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