All change!

You know how the saying goes, new year, new me? Well, I’m kind of living up to that. It was a very difficult decision to make but in January 2017 I stood down as the editor of TopicUK South Yorkshire.

I worked with so many wonderful South Yorkshire businesses and was welcomed into the community with open arms, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Unfortunately, as many of you will know Topic is a free business magazine that relies on paid advertising to generate a revenue, and this is where I fell down – not for lack of trying though, trust me!

Topic is a great magazine, and a much needed one within any regional business community. It’s such a shame that independent titles such as these fall by the wayside but the market changes and the online offering being so strong it’s increasingly difficult to compete.

So onto ventures new for me. I have decided to take all the knowledge I have as a freelance journalist and magazine editor and help businesses generate their own articles for print and on line. The new website will be live at the beginning of February and if you would like to find out more you can sign up here.

Herding Cats Publishing will primarily be an online platform, and I hope you will join me for what is sure to be an interesting journey!

Thank you to all those who have supported me and of course Topic,


Catherine x

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  1. January 15, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Aaaah, good luck with all of this Cat and what an amazing and exciting adventure to start 2017 with. Can’t wait to catch up at Bird Board and hear all about it.
    I’ll sign up to keep tracks on progress and support where I can
    Anna x

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