Google Updates

Part Two – Content Marketing for SEO

Panda, pigeon, penguin, pirate – any of these sound familiar? Unless you’re a web developer, work for Google or are a bit of a geek (I’m a self-confessed geek!) then they probably haven’t entered your world. Well they have Jim, but not as you know it. All of the above are just a few of the Google updates that have… Read more →

Content Marketing

A beginners guide to content marketing

Content Marketing is a crucial part of any marketing strategy and search engine optimisation plan. From blogging to podcasts and video’s, these are components of the content marketing strategy. In this blog post we’ll look at the most common and actionable ones that you can start doing today! Blogs This is probably the most common form of content marketing. It… Read more →


Sales & Marketing – a match made in heaven?

For too long sales and marketing have been classed as different departments, working to different KPI’s, different reporting and completely at odds with one another. Though both may have the same revenue targets, they often see each other in very different ways. So can sales & marketing be a match made in heaven? Read more →